Saverio's kitchen at PREVOIUS location! Hungry Hiker's Guide to 
     Tijuana Dining

Saverio's Restaurant

Blvd. Sanchez Taboada esq. Escuadrón #207- Tijuana

General Information
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Tel.: 686-65-02, 686-64-42
Price Range: (in Pesos) Entrees $40.00 - $140.00
Price Rating: Expensive
Credit Cards: Accepted
IVA Tax added to bill: Yes
Mins. to walk
from the border:
Overall Rating: 10
Summary: The most elegant restaurant in Tijuana with a long history of exquisite food.

I. The Setting

In August 2000, Saverio's moved again. This new location has clearly put Saverio's into the category of most elegant restaurant in Tijuana. One has the feeling they are dining in a fancy European restaurant. The entry way and bar have a ceiling at least a 30-foot high. Highly polished hardwood floors lend a clean, upscale look. The bar, dominated by a gigantic window rising nearly to the ceiling, is separated from the restaurant by a wall topped with a beautiful clear beveled glass window with Saverio's signature, grapes. Someone has paid close attention to the lighting; the dining room is quite well lighted and soft lights reflect off the recessed squares covering the ceiling, giving a soft, warm look to the dining area. Even the menus are elegant, covered in a tapestry cloth material. Now here's a sign of a classy restaurant: wooden stalls!

The new location is right behind La Espadaña. There is a large paved parking lot in front. No tennis shoes or shorts allowed! However, you will be permitted to dine in the bar if you are not dressed appropriately.


II. The Food and the Service

Saverio's food has always been delicious. The menu here is new, though reminiscent of the old menu (more expensive, though!). While characterized as an expensive restaurant, you can dine on pasta or the very unusual pizza combinations available for 70-140 pesos. We sampled the "Salmon ahumendo", or smoked salmon individual pizza with capers, onion and crema fraiche for $70. Quite unusual and tasty with big strips of salmon. There are several of these unusual pizza combinations available.

Poultry dishes range from 110-145 pesos. I tried the duck with figs and raspberry sauce for 145 pesos. Arranged artistically on it's plate, it was a strange combination of flavors, slightly sweet, but a little heavy; a thin layer of fat edged each piece. I would prefer to try something else next time.

Salads were fresh and good. Chicken salad with romaine lettuce came with a lot of chicken in big chunks.

Meat dishes range from 130-180 pesos; lobster for 200.


III. Beverages

Saverio's has a full bar and an extensive wine list, with wines from California as well as Mexico, including Monte Xanic, our favorite Mexican vintner. Sangria ($30 pesos) was delicious, not as sweet as in some places and filled with fresh fruit. Mineral water is 12 pesos.

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Reviewed: September, 2000